Tips On How To Create A Professional Photography Portfolio

Create A Professional Photography PortfolioPeople love great pictures and you can make a lot of money if you are a great photographer. Although, this is the case, you need to first create a professional portfolio in order to attract great clients. To help you out here are tips on how to create a great photography portfolio:

Only post the best

Remember that pictures you put on your portfolio are a representation of your work; therefore, you should ensure that you put only the best. One of the best ways of having the best images is by taking as many photos as possible. For example, if you are taking a photo of a building, you should take as many photos as possible.

You should then go to your computer and edit the photos as much as you can. You should be ruthless when editing them. For example, you should not let an image with even a single mistake to make it to your portfolio.

Before you post the image you should show it to a few of your friends. For the image to make it to the

Photo Editing Tricks Every Photographer Should Note

Photo Editing Tricks Every Photographer Should NoteIn the past editing was a scary prospect for those that had an interest in photography. Now, with editing software available both online and with programs like Photoshop, post photo processing has been taken to a whole new level. With technological advances we can quite literally turn photos into a work of art with a few clicks from a mouse, whilst in the comfort of our own homes. Very soon photo shops will be obsolete and a thing of the past.

It is not always necessary to use all of the tips listed in this article to make the most out of your pictures. Things like level adjustment do not need to be done if the photos exposure is already to perfection. Just use your common sense when editing and use the topics that will work well towards benefiting your pictures, transforming them to a new dimension!

Cropping Your Photo

Simply by cropping a photo you can transform it and offer the snap a new leash of life. All you have to do

5 Photography Tips For Beginners

Photography Tips For BeginnersNow that you have a camera and started taking photos you might feel that you are not getting the desired look and feel you envisioned for the shot. Here are 5 tips to make that image better.

1. Different camera exposure settings

Switch your camera to MANUAL, the fastest way to learn is to jump in and try it. Once your camera is on manual you can adjust your exposure. If your image needs more or less light you can just set it to a shorter or longer exposure. Play around with one subject and see what the different exposures do and you will quickly get used to it.

2. Lighting

Using Natural Light:

What does this mean? It simply means that you are using sunlight to light your subject. This can be a great way to make a difference in your photography, using a reflector to bounce or diffuse light will give your photo a more professional look, and it won’t look so bright and washed out. Sunset is always a great time to do photo shoots because it gives a

Best Forex Indicators to Use

To become a successful trader, one must use various indicators when determining the best time of selling, or buying forex cross rates. The section below will educate you about the best forex indicators to use.

Trend following tools- It’s true that experts often say that having a countertrend approach when trading is a great way of making big money. However, for the majority of the traders, it is extremely important to be aware of the direction of all major trends; it’s because trading in the direction of trends is usually much easier than following the countertrend approach. This makes the role of trend-following tools extremely important.

Often you’ll come across people who are not aware of the exact purpose of these tools; they attempt using them as trading systems. There’s nothing wrong in it, but the actual purpose of the trend-following tools is something very different. You should use them for determining whether it would be wise to get into a short position or a long position. Let’s explain by using a simple trend-following method as an example– the moving averages.

The term “moving average” is used for the average closing price for a specified period of time. Suppose, the trend is considered

Easy Guidelines For Taking Excellent Pictures

When we are faced by the task of trying to take the impeccable photograph, we sometimes fall short either because we lack the technical know-how or the expertise of producing the quality photographs we desire. This article will present to you easy to follow guidelines for taking the flawless photographs you have always wanted.

First, what you need is a quality camera, this is a key feature for improving the quality of your photograph and bringing to light your magnificent creativity. Quality cameras don’t come cheap, but most of them are well worth their price tags. Go ahead and do some research, and get yourself a professional camera. Understand your camera. One of the common mistakes those new to photography are after purchasing a camera that they are unfamiliar to, they neglect the manual. Make time to read and understand every feature to your camera’s manual. Know your camera and what it can do. Don’t be intimidated by your camera’s manual.

Understanding your camera will save you moments of dissatisfaction or annoyance when it comes to using your camera. Frame your shot properly and avoid any form of clutter, for this is highly essential. Use your

Tips to Capture Great Videos Using Your Smartphone Camera

All the Smartphones are well equipped in helping you capture pictures and videos to your delight. The thing is that you need to be able to capture that moment flawlessly using the camera. Even after great features and camera app enhancements the results of the videos captured by you are not up to the mark.

Given here are a few tips that will help you in capturing great video using your smartphone:

Best position to shoot a video is landscape

The landscape orientation is better when you are recording a video or else it would be ruined if you try the portrait mode. Another reason for using this mode is wide coverage and better video output when you stream it on larger screen.


This means that you need to focus on your subject well. This would require you to keep your subject a bit off the center for more appeal.

When not to zoom

If you think that using digital zoom would help you capture better video then you need a reality check. The zoom is the worst enemy of video recording. It leads to pixilation therefore it is suggested

What Makes Some Photographs Better Than Others

Art is so subjective that there is no correct answer to this question. But there are some things that can help you analyse a photograph. I find it interesting that the majority of people can tell the difference between an average and a great photo and choose the ‘better’ one, but struggle to articulate why. Here are some of those harder to explain things that might draw them towards the ‘better’ picture (I’m sure there’s many more things I’ve missed, we never stop learning):

    • Lines – are the strongest design element in a picture. Without lines you can have shapes, patterns or textures, they are everywhere! The strongest of these lead your eye through the different elements in photographs.

    • Shape, pattern & contrast – The shapes of your subject and background elements, and how these interact will tell your story. Our brains are pre-programmed to look for these things. One of your main challenges as a photographer is to demonstrate a 3D world on a 2D format, and good photographers understand how light (and shadow) interact with these subjects in order to make a scene come alive.

    • Colour – has a

Special Effects Can Turn Your Photographs Into Pieces of Art

Using photo editing software has never been easier, and any novice photographer can turn their photographs into living works of art.

If you want your photographs to stand out, then you should consider editing your pictures with special effects. A few special effects that are becoming extremely popular both online as well as off, are the black and white photo effects, the sepia photo effect, pencil sketch photo effect, as well as the oil painting special effect. With the right type of photo editing software, you can turn your ordinary prints into a spectacular piece. Understanding what each effect does will help you make a decision on what type of photo editing software to use to create the effect that you desire.

Black and White Photo Effect

This effect will help you turn an ordinary colored photograph into a black and white image. People tend to utilize this effect to make their pictures appear like they were taken from an old time camera. The black and white photo effect will help to give your photographs an additional amount of depth, which will add to their appeal.

Sepia Photo Effect

Sepia is similar to

Innovations in 35mm SLR Camera Design 1960 to 1980

In 1960, the Konica F was the first SLR with a shutter speed of 1/2000th sec. This had previously been unachievable with horizontal travelling cloth focal plane shutters, which were unable to withstand the shock of such acceleration, along with other timing and image distortion related technical troubles. The Konica F pioneered the use of a vertical travelling metal blade shutter. This was not only more robust, but moved along the shortest side of the film, making faster speeds possible.

In 1963, the Topcon RE Super was the first SLR with through-the-lens (TTL) light metering using dedicated open aperture auto-diaphragm lenses. Cadmium sulphide (CdS) cells were mounted behind non-silvered slits in the reflex mirror, and coupled to a viewfinder centre-the-needle type exposure control. Other manufacturers quickly adopted TTL light measurement, but open aperture metering took longer to become establish. Rivals did not offer this feature until 1966, when Minolta launched their SRT101, followed by Nikon’s Nikkormat FTN in 1967. It wasn’t until 1973 that Pentax caught-up with their open aperture metering Spotmatic F.

In 1964, the Russian Zenit 5 was the first SLR with a built-in electric motor wind, which provided automatic single-frame film advance. In

Important Camera Accessories You Should Invest In

When it comes to great shopping experience, most people already know where to go to. It’s the trade hub in the area where you can expect to find and buy almost anything a person could possibly look for. So many things are available tax-free, thus not only is the selection to choose from very extensive and comprehensive, but it is also much cheaper than that available in other shopping areas.

If you are looking for camera shops, the best quality brands of cameras and camera accessories are more affordable in places where gadgets are sold. For this reason, professional photographers take advantage of a trip to this area to do their photography-related shopping.

If you’re a photography buff looking for camera accessories, you should invest in the following items.

First, get a camera bag. You should definitely invest in a good camera bag. Not only is photography equipment usually expensive, but it’s often bulky and heavy as well, so you need to make sure you have an appropriately-sized and highly protective bag for toting your gear around.

Investing in extra lenses is also a good move. You should know what you really need and

5 Ways a Waterproof Sports Camera Can Help You

Love to click pictures? Love going for underwater expeditions and exploring the beautiful world beneath the sea?

If your answer to both these questions is yes, then your trips and excursions are absolutely incomplete without a waterproof sports camera. As the name suggests, such cameras are waterproof but they also come with many more advantages, 5 of which have been mentioned below in details.

1. It’s time to click some good pictures

The first and foremost way in which a waterproof camera will be of help to you is by allowing you catch exciting and unique underwater moments with ease which a normal camera will not only allow you to do. Such cameras have a great flash light and handle strong pressure easily, allowing you to click pictures when under the sea. Being quite lightweight and compact in nature, waterproof sports cameras can be conveniently carried to any place without taking up too much space in a bag or purse.

2. They can withstand the weight

Some high-end and superior-quality waterproof cameras claim to withstand almost 100 kgs which is equivalent to the weight of a man standing on the camera! It is

Become a Photographer Capture the Beauty of the World

What is photography?

“Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see, and everything to do with the way you see them,” said by Elliot Erwitt. And Professional photography is an interesting career choice and one that is suitable for people who are attracted to the idea of making a living by using their creative talents. We can consider that photography and painting are the same. Each renders imagination in tangible form. The difference is that painters can work completely from imagination, although most of us work from life as a starting point.

Photography Basics:

Getting started in the world of digital photography today can seem overwhelming. Our digital SLRs have more buttons, dials, and menu options than any person can reasonably be expected to keep track of.

Don’t be fooled. If we brush aside the terminology and sales gimmicks, photography today is just as simple as it was 50 years ago; maybe even simpler.

There are really only three things that you need to learn to understand photography. Once you understand these three basic elements, and how they relate to each other, you’ll only be

Expert Photographic Art Ideas You Can Use

For some people, a simple black and white image of any subject might be thought of as art, and for others, a photo made to look hyper real would be art. Art is subjective, that much is true. But whether it’s in a riveting black and white style or enhanced with certain effects, the bottom line is that a great photo can be great art.

And with photographic art, you will have multiple ideas as to how you can use it. Do you have a blog? It’s safe to assume that you have at least one social media page. If you’re using the Web to promote your business or to present your work, images can boost your visitor traffic as well as engagement. Visually driven content is one of the key drivers to improving your position on any search engine search result page. And nothing is more captivating than artistically created photos.

If you have bare walls all around your apartment and your landlord does not allow you to paint, hanging wall art is the next best thing to enhancing your interior space. Depending on the uniqueness of the photo, your image can even become a

An Insight Into Image Masking

As the name suggests, masking is a technique used to hide or show parts of an object or image. With masking techniques you can achieve many kinds of creative effects with images. You can create a mask that provides a different dimension to your images and makes them look more interesting in the process. You can also create a mask that acts as a fogged window display or hide parts of the images underneath the mask. This technique uses the tones of the appearance of a selected object in grayscale to determine the degree of its visibility and alter its appearance.

Another masking technique utilizes the transparency of the object (in an image) itself to affect its visibility. This can help you to edit your old images and give them a new look. You can also play around with your new images and create something unique that can be used in advertising, social networking or just for creating a photo album. For masking an object, you can either use a vector or a bitmap image. The technique can be applied to multiple objects or grouped objects as well. Often, business professionals use masking for creating catalogues for

Secrets for Good Wedding Films

A wedding photographer or videographer’s reputation highly depends on his talent and his previous works. It may be hard to prove yourself in the world of wedding films when you are a novice. However, here are some of the secrets revealed that could help you capture a good footage for the wedding event.

  • You can’t go wrong with a good camcorder or good camera. Since technology continues to march on and march, it’s advice that you would go grab the best or at least, a good recording media such as a camcorder or a camera with video recording support. It’s highly advised that the said media must have a fluid head tripod, a remote microphone system and audio recorders for best results. Make sure it can shoot footage in HD since you want the best quality.
  • Backing up the audio is a must. The primary reason why you would need to back up the audio is because you’ll need to record some of the most important bits in the audio. For instance, you would want to use audio recorders to back up the audio such as a wireless mic for instance which is great for recording

Tips For Taking Beautiful Photos Of Your Newborn Baby

Babies seem to grow at an amazing rate. They’re so tiny when they have just gotten out of their mothers’ wombs but they double their size within several weeks’ time.

As parents, you would do anything to properly document all those angelic and sleepy newborn faces, soft tiny hands and toes, and adorable yawns and stretches. After all, it is important that you have something concrete that you can always look at to remember the innate beauty and sweetness of your baby.

The best way to have the perfect mementos of your newborn is by taking his or her photos. If it’s your first time to take photos of your beautiful newborn, below are some tips you can follow to make sure that you have lovely and amazing pictures of your baby:

Keep your photo shoot simple. One of the great things of taking photos of babies is that you don’t have to spend too much on his or her clothing and other accessories or props. You won’t require an elaborate set or a hundred outfit changes to get beautiful photos of your baby. Select a simple color palette and background for your photos. Professional

Some Helpful Tips When Using Photoshop To Edit Your Landscape Photos

Photographs of breath-taking landscapes and natural sceneries seldom need to be edited or retouched since they are already beautiful images. And even if you have to edit or add something to these photos, you won’t really have to put in a lot of time or effort to make enhance the image.

However, many photographers still prefer to use Photoshop even if their landscape photos are already amazing. They choose to add some additional designs or details or enhance the images they took using this versatile software. Photographers can certainly make any beautiful landscape photos more astonishing if they know how to use Photoshop properly and correctly.

To make sure that you will be using Photoshop correctly when editing landscape photos, you need to follow some basic tips. Below are some of these basic Photoshop editing tips you can follow:

Always study each picture first. Don’t immediately erase any flaws you see on the photo you took. Study the image carefully first. Take into consideration how the original photo looks in order to understand its potentials. Make mental notes of which details should stay and which ones will be deleted. You also have to identify which

How to Prepare for a Portrait Session to Get the Best Results

Portrait Photography is a team effort. You might have searched long and hard for a portrait photographer, and might love his work, but there are still things you can do as a client that will make sure your photographs as good as they possibly can be. These simple portrait photography tips will help you get the most out of your photographer. When I take a booking from clients, I like to go through this simple check list with them that ensures they arrive looking great, feeling fresh and are ready to shoot!

Scheduling the Portrait Session.

One of the most critical things to ensuring a portrait session runs smoothly is making sure it is scheduled at a time where your children are well rested and fed and if we’re shooting outdoors, that the light is good. The best light for photographs is in the morning or afternoon, generally it is best to avoid the harsh light in the middle of the day. For small children morning is usually better. If you want to shoot outdoors I normally confirm everything a few days before, if the weather is not looking good I try to reschedule a date

A Beginners Guide to Large Format Film Camera Photography

Large format cameras are often thought of as difficult to operate, but there is nothing impossible about using them. If you are organised and methodical they are straightforward, if not exactly simple to use. Many photographers find the idea of using a large format camera daunting because we are all so used to having so much automation in our cameras. Compare a large format camera to a ‘manual’ 35mm film camera and you will soon see that there is a whole new level to manual when you move up to the largest formats. Most large format cameras are literally no more that an adjustable light tight box with film at one end and a lens at the other. There is no metering, nothing is battery powered. The only thing powering the camera is the clockwork shutter. Despite this, working with these big old beasts is perhaps one of the most satisfying experiences a photographer can have. When I use my camera I feel a real connection to the history of photography and take great pride in being able to produce amazing images without any help from automation. This is ‘pure’ photography.

If you have ever toyed with

How to Take a Picture

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Photography may be a more effective and reasonably inexpensive alternative to drawing or painting, but more thought and feeling goes into a painting than a photograph.

Photography is relatively simple in comparison to painting, which is a much more complex task. With photography, the composition is already completely arranged, but with a painting the objective is much more open to interpretation by the artist. The artist has the ability to capture much more emotion, understanding, and significance in an event and apply this fiery drive to his paintbrush when creating his own masterpiece.

When dealing with reality, I think a photograph may represent an actual physical recollection of a person or object, but a painting created from scratch adds the reality of perception to the equation. Reality is always open to a different observation and interpretation.

Artists during the Realism period concentrated on the real world as they saw it, and chose to construct their pieces of work with normal, everyday activities, therefore making it all the more real. One painter during this time period was Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. In his piece titled Ville d’Avray, he chooses to

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